How to increase security on your Apple Mac

It’s amazing to see how technology has developed over the years. Back in 1968 we saw the Amstrad, one of the first home computing systems, become popular. They were bulky, slow and didn’t have many functions at all. Now however we have a whole range of highly intelligent devices at our fingertips. Computers have made a huge transformation, from bulky and slow to sleek and fast and almost everyone has one these days.

High speed computers like the Apple Mac range has transformed our lives making everything quicker and easier to do; we can do just about anything from enjoy a game or two at, to book holidays and even do our online banking. However, we should be extra careful when we use our Macs because there are a lot of viruses and computer hackers about. To ensure you’re keeping your Mac safe, why not follow the helpful tips listed below?

Opening safe files
If you receive an email from an unknown source, never open any attachments sent in the email. Instead, go to your settings and uncheck the box „Open safe files after downloading“. This will ensure that only safe files are downloaded. Normally the Mac will ask your permission for other files.

Disable automatic login
If your Mac or MacBook Pro was ever stolen or attempted to be used by an unauthorised source, the last thing you want to do is make their life easier by keeping all your accounts automatically logged in. Always log out after using an account and make sure your passwords are different for each login.

Password protect everything
Even if you’re the only one who uses the Mac, it’s important you password protect everything just to be on the safe side. Create a password protected login to your computer and even create a password for when you lock your screen or switch your Mac to sleep or hibernate. Remember, never use something too obvious such as your birthday, a pet’s name or even something like password123. Go the the security section of System Preferences and check the checkbox „Disable automatic login“.

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