Vergleich zwischen iPhone 3GS und iPhone 4

Wer ein iPhone 3GS sein eigen nennt, kennt meistens die Leistung des Geräts. Wer sich nun überlegt bald ein iPhone zu bestellen, möchte natürlich auch im direkten Vergleich mal wissen, welche Unter­schiede es zwi­schen den bei­den Apple-Smartphones gibt. Hier einmal ein direkter Vergleich anhand einer Grafik. (Bild anklicken für große Ansicht)

New iPhone 4 Features
Basic Specs
o 9.3 mm (24% thinner than 3GS)
o Front camera
o Stainless steel
o Optical quality glass -scratch resistant
o integrated antennas (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, UMTS, GSM)

New Retina Display
o Increases pixel density 4X to 326 ppi and the human limit is 300 ppi at 10-12 inches.
o Display 3.5 inch – 960 X 640 Retina Display has 78% of pixels of an iPad so iPhone OS 4 (iOS 4 runs full size but better rendering.

A4 chip
o 40% more talk time (7 hours)
o 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing,
o 10 hours video
o 40 hours music
o 300 hours standby

o Provides enhanced gaming controls
o 3 axis gyro for pitch, roll, and yaw
o Combined with accelerometer 6 axis of motion sensing
o CoreMotion API allows extremely precise location

Camera system
o 5 megapixel camera, backside illuminated sensor
o 1.75 micron pixel size in sensor, 5X digital zoom camera app and tap to focus with LED flash.
o Records HD video – 720p at 30fps – tap to focus video with built-in video editing – one click sharing – LED flash can stay on while shooting video.
o Record, edit, share HD video from your phone with iMovie for iPhone

Over 100 new features in iOS 4
o Multi-tasking, folders, retina display integration, mail (unified inbox and threading), enhanced camera and photo apps, deeper enterprise support.

New iBooks iPhone App
o Sync purchased iBookstore books to all your devices for no extra charge
o „iBooks automatically syncs your place, bookmarks, and notes“

o Video calling – iPhone 4 to iPhone 4
o Avaliable anywhere there is WiFi
o No set up required starting June 21st.

Other Features
o 32GB storage
o Quadband HSDPA/HSUPA
o 7.2 mbit down, 5.8 mbit up (if carriers support)
o Dual microphones
o 802.11n

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  1. Das neue Iphone 4 siegt natürlich ganz klar mit denn neuen Funktionen. Schon allein der Prozessor, Ram haben ja fast das doppelte an Power. Was mir am alle besten gefählt, ist die darstellung in „HD“.

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